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I Love Creative Non-Fiction

January 13, 2010 1 comment

I’m currently enrolled in an Advanced Expository Writing class where we are learning and writing Creative Non-Fiction. I absolutely adore this genre. If you don’t know what that is here is the definition:

Creative nonfiction (also known as literary or narrative nonfiction) is a genre of writing that uses literary styles and techniques to create factually accurate narratives.” — taken from Wiki

I find it fascinating, honestly I could say I love it so much I’d be willing to major in it if there was a major about it. Moreover my teacher is very interesting, very unique. I love the way she dresses, and before you think that she dresses cute, that’s not the case. It’s almost retro, vintage, mixed with a touch of bohemian. I know, crazy sounding, but it works. I’ll try to sneak pictures next week.

We have to do writing prompts every week to help us focus our creative minds and inspire ourselves, so you can imagine that I completely throw myself into the excercise with 110% effort… most of the time. We do this to prepare to write mini narratives which we had one due today. I actually liked this assignment. We could basically write about anything we want but it had to be creative non-fiction, and be between 450-500 words.

I’m putting this up for my sister who is a character in the story and my most avid reader. Not sure what to name it though…I named it Miss Impossible on DA but I’ll probably change the title soon. Any suggestions?


Miss Impossible


“Okay Kendrah, are you ready?” I grinned at my sister with my trademark wolfish grin that marked my tomboy days. It’s probably the reason I received more candy from girls than the guys did on Valentine’s Day.

                “I-I think so.” My sister nodded her chubby little head with determination. We were the unstoppable duo, and we were going to break through the sound barrier. Never mind that she still had her training wheels on, I figured they would combust due to the increased velocity when we hit the speed of light. We sat eyeing the launch pad.

                We were living in Carson City, Nevada, the burb of suburbs. Only black family for miles, not that me and my sister really cared, though I’m sure some of the upper class white citizens had a problem with the way me and my sister tore up the neighborhood from time to time. It was the perfect place to grow up, all the driveways were steep and the street was on a slope, which is why it was ground zero for our plan.

                I tightened my helmet and gave the battle cry and took off as fast as I could, the wind whooshing past my face and rattling my helmet. Slowly everything started to blur around me, I was going to do it, I was going to break the barrier and get into the next dimension. Not.

                “Sister!” I turned my head just in time to see my sister go down. I said a very unladylike word and prepared for retrieval, Adams’ may be crazy but we never leave a soldier behind. My back wheel fishtailed out, so using my amazing skills of deduction I decided if I couldn’t stop myself I’d have to use the environment around me. The RV looming in front of me wouldn’t be a good choice and so I made a hard turn, using my body to lean into it like they do in the movies. My adrenaline was pumping, my heart was pounding, and the smell of burning rubber filled the air, all enveloping me with background noise of my sister’s crying. Good times.

                When I came to, I was sprawled on a driveway with my bike pinning me down. Being the amazing general I was, I sat up and looked to see if my sister was around since the crying had ceased, and checked for damage. Apparently I had run into a 4×4 truck, it was completely fine except for the slight dent in the back that the throbbing on my head seemed to sympathize with. I sulked home.

              “Sup, kiddo.” My dad looked up from where he was mowing the lawn. “Is something wrong?” He was giving me that funny look like he knew what I did, or it could be because my hair was sticking up on end; but it was always like that.

                I looked down, my socks were red. That wasn’t good; I let another unladylike word slip out.

Reading Suggestions

If you’re interested in reading more ‘creative non-fiction’  I’m putting together a list of what I’ve read so far. And for my class we are using the books, Contemporary Creative NonFiction: I & Eye and On Writing Well (go figure haha) So basically I’ll list the stories I really liked out of the first book that you guys can look up and read if you can. But if you can’t find them anywhere then I guess you can run to Barnes and Noble (oops I’m bias) or the library to look up these authors.

  • Bernard Cooper, “Picking Plums”
  • David Sedaris, “The Drama Bug”

I would suggest more but I can’t remember any others that I really liked. If you find any that you think are great feel free to comment, or even if you don’t. Happy reading!