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This is War

January 11, 2010 1 comment

So basically I’ve been a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars on and off for a couple years now and it seems that every time I reintroduce myself with their music I fall for them harder without fail. So, when I got a gift card on iTunes and noticed they had the “This is War” album on there for sale for only $9.99, I was dying to sink my fan girl claws into it. However, being the greedy person I am, I put it off and decided to listen to a few songs on the album first.

Another thing I really like is Dragon Age: Origins (I love you Alistair), so when I was surfing around on youtube procrastinating I noticed my two current obsessions combined.

So check it out. Basically I thought the album was a steal and I love This is War the most out of the whole album, but the whole thing getes an A+ from me. If you want to increase your music collection they are a great place to start, I’ve yet to run into a song by them that I haven’t liked.

Another great thing about their music is that it usually has a lot of other meanings to go with it. Like their song Beautiful Lie, it’s about global warming. They are really big on evironmental matters, which is great. It’s nice to sit down and listen to music that’s trying to make a difference every now and again and not just dance music.

Jared Leto Interview

I haven’t been able to go in-depth and research on all the members but the previous is an interview with Jared Leto who is the main singer. He sings like a fallen angel, absolutely captivating, and according to my mathmatical deductions, 38 this past December 26th.

So go out and give these guys a listen, I’m heads over heels in love with their music and style. This post wasn’t very educational or insightful but maybe they will inspire you to try something new or just make you want to reorganize your music collection.