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Typical Inspiration

May 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Privacy vs. Poverty

My typical inspiration is usually derived from typical ‘me’ moments. Take this morning for example. I go on Facebook to check out a update which I’ll go into detail later and get surprised by this…

that one word makes a big difference I'm not sure which one I like better.

I thought the privacy said poverty. This may be cause by the fact that I hit my head really hard on this lame metal box that is right above my dorm bed. It’s a safety hazard. But thinking along the line of poverty I thought, “What organizations are out there that help deal with poverty today?” For me personally I have a hard time remembering what organization goes with which cause. So I’m compiling a list of site and organizations that you can look into for getting involved.

Please note I’m listing ALL the ones I come across that seem to be real organizations, not just the ones I agree with. Because how I feel poverty should be dealt with may differ from other people, therefore I want to respect that and let you chose. If you have any additions to these comment with a link and I’ll add them.

Improve YOUR Poverty Controls


Free Rice

January 15, 2010 1 comment

Due to the earthquake in Haiti, I’ve felt an urge to get out there and do something. But I got stumped on, “What to do?” There are so many options out there and not all of them cheap and in the price range of a struggling college sophomore, hoping to go to law school one day. Lucky for me and my amazing memory, I remembered my teacher mentioning a site that could help you learn and expand your vocab.

“So what?” you may say, but the wonderful glorious catch is that they donate rice for every answer you get right. So you can learn and give at the same time! Brilliant right? I’m already addicted and I’m working hard at this. My goal is 1000 grains of rice a day. You guys should all give it a try, you don’t have to aim for as much as I do. 10 grains a day, 50 grains a day, every bit helps and it only takes a couple minutes, guesses, and a wee bit of embarrassment.

I’m personally really motivated to find other ways that I can help out without using money. Any suggestions?

Make sure to visit Free Rice. Don’t forget to switch up the topics aswell! They have:

– Famous Paintings
-Chemical Symbols (full and basic)
-Identify countries on the map
-World capitals
Language Learning
-Basic (pre-algebra)
-Multiplication Table