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Typical Inspiration

May 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Privacy vs. Poverty

My typical inspiration is usually derived from typical ‘me’ moments. Take this morning for example. I go on Facebook to check out a update which I’ll go into detail later and get surprised by this…

that one word makes a big difference I'm not sure which one I like better.

I thought the privacy said poverty. This may be cause by the fact that I hit my head really hard on this lame metal box that is right above my dorm bed. It’s a safety hazard. But thinking along the line of poverty I thought, “What organizations are out there that help deal with poverty today?” For me personally I have a hard time remembering what organization goes with which cause. So I’m compiling a list of site and organizations that you can look into for getting involved.

Please note I’m listing ALL the ones I come across that seem to be real organizations, not just the ones I agree with. Because how I feel poverty should be dealt with may differ from other people, therefore I want to respect that and let you chose. If you have any additions to these comment with a link and I’ll add them.

Improve YOUR Poverty Controls