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Saving vs. Not Spending

While skimming my twitter this morning I found  a link that pointed me in the direction of a New York Times article in the Your Money section. This particular article really jolted a lot of speculatory thought  in my mind, I tried recalling what I had learned in Macroeconomics class this past spring. According to what I had learned, spending is good. However spending what you don’t have in the long run is bad, if you can’t pay it off that is. (common sense) But, you wanting to spend that money is good right? I mean, it boosts stock prices and estimations, more importantly we can take home a lovely new gadget or toy. So I wondered how much have people changed due to the economic conditions we now find ourselves in?

I personally haven’t changed my spending or saving habits but then again I don’t have a job (not that I haven’t tried)…I just go to college and pray the interest rate on my school loans don’t increase, along with other things. Any money I get goes to very small and simple pleasures, such as, going to a fast food chain to pick up some sort of food (if you can call it that) that has meat, since my school is vegetarian.

I’m thinking about applying for a credit card, but I’m extrememly hesitant on getting one till I have a means of paying it off. I think, in times like this it’s important to think long term, which has now inspired me to talk write about studying next… (music will have to wait)

Anyway take a look at the cheesy graphic I made, it has some basic points taken from, “Americans are Finally Saving. How did That Happen?” by Ron Lieber in the Your Money section of the New York Times. The link for the article is in the caption. Also, if you want, answer the questions I put together below, I’m curious to find out how you feel.

Image Source
Old TV:  http://thesocial.typepad.com/branding_and_advertising/brand-20/
New TV:  http://www.chinatraderonline.com

  1. Me
    December 19, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    I don’t have a job so I can’t really answer those questions. BUT if I DID have one I doubt I’d be the type to overspend anyways. I prefer using other peoples money. 🙂

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